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Alness First Responders

Scotlands rural landscape can be truly breathtaking but the trade off is that Emergency Vehicles can sometimes take longer than hoped to get to an Emergency.  That is why Community First Responders are vital 

The idea for a first responder group in Alness and surrounding area first started in March 2017. After several meetings, fund raising and discussions with the Ambulance Service, we were trained in April 2018. The group covers an area that spans Tain, Barbaraville, Saltburn, Invergordon***, Evanton (inc The Storehouse), Ardross and of course, Alness.


We are local volunteers, from a variety of different backgrounds and jobs, that have come together to be there for those in Alness and the surrounding communities when they need us the most.

We support the Ambulance Service in their vital role by getting to the most serious patients and starting life saving treatment, equipped with specialist equipment, increasing the chances of survival.

While this is our primary function, you may see us out in the community teaching CPR and fundraising. So feel free to come say hello.

Alness First Responders is a registered Scottish charity SC049207

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