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Blue lights... you can help!

You’ve seen the flashing lights – you’ve heard the sirens, but deciding what to do when an emergency vehicle is approaching from any direction can be a dilemma.

Here are some tips that will help you stay calm and safe and help our emergency vehicles get to their destination without delay.

  • Look and listen

Check your mirrors regularly and make sure your music is not too loud.

  • Consider the route and size of the vehicle

You may need to move over even if the emergency vehicle is traveling in the opposite direction.

  • Signal your intentions using your indicators

This will help the emergency vehicle and other road users know what action you are taking.


  • Pull in or move over safely

You may not need to stop completely.


  • Don’t stop opposite any obstructions

This will make the road narrower.


  • Avoid mounting kerbs/pavements where possible

Be aware of pedestrians, cyclists and other motorists.


  • Signal when you are pulling away

Motorists behind you may still be moving, be careful when rejoining the road.

  • Stay alert

More emergency vehicles may be on the way.

Overall, Be predictable.  The emergency vehicle will get round you... so continue on your journey, don't slow down if you cannot let the emergency vehicle pass, and be predictable.

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