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Medical ID


Did you know that your iPhone has a built in Medical ID app.  This app is designed to let healthcare professionals know key information about you that you may no be able to tell them, such as if you're unconscious, or you come across a stranger unconscious.

To set up your Medical ID

Follow this link: Apple Medical ID Setup

If you need to access a Medial ID: Access Medical ID

Here is how to set up Apples: Emergency SOS


*Emergency SOS not only calls 999, it will send location texts to all of your emergency contacts, and will continue to do so for a time after should your location change.  Excellent if you're lost, or you need to silently contact emergency services, or if you need to call 999 but cannot log into the phone.

Some Android also have this feature, but you will need to check your phone and android version for how.

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