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Scottish Ambulance 
Wildcat Cardiac Responders


SAS Wildcat Cardiac Responders are volunteers from diverse backgrounds that devote their time to responding to emergency calls for cardiac arrests in remote locations across North East Scotland.

The Wildcats are dispatched via the GoodSAM app and, similar to SAS Community First Responders, will play an integral role in the delivery of the Out-Of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest Strategy.

The GoodSAM app works by sending out an alert, generated from an emergency call to the Scottish Ambulance Service, to a Wildcat responder if they are within a 10km radius of someone suffering a cardiac arrest. This allows the volunteer to quickly reach a patient in their community perform CPR, deploy an AED and provide support to the patient's family while an ambulance is on its way.

Many of our First Responders are Wildcats, meaning even when not online as a first responder, we will respond to cardiac arrests within 6 miles of where we are.

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